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CNC Machinist I Position

Entry level machinist & CNC machine operator. A qualified candidate has good mechanical skills and a basic knowledge of machine tools. Positive attitude and strong work ethic will be valued very highly and open up future opportunities as a machine shop employee within Ideal Vacuum.

CNC Machinist II Position

We are looking for a CNC setup/operating machinist that can boost the productivity of our machine shop team. A qualified candidate has diverse machine shop skills and is able to work in a mixed prototyping and production environment. Positive attitude and strong work ethic will be valued very highly and open up future opportunities as a machine shop employee within Ideal Vacuum

Manufacturing Tech Position

Ideal Vacuum is looking for manufacturing tech applicants to support our manufacturing and service departments. This position will require assembling of our manufactured parts following our detailed assembly procedures. Some of these process steps require welding and the person hired for this position will need to have previous TIG welding experience or be able to learn this skill by on-the-job-training (OJT). Excellent TIG welding skills will need to be exhibited soon after the employee has completed our TIG weld training, this is a must to retain this employment position. This position requires that the candidate have strong pre-existing mechanical skills as many of the products are assembled using mechanic tools; wrenches, screw drivers, Allen wrenches, custom presses, following complex assembly processes. A person with limited mechanical skills would introduce assembly defects and produce a poor final product (this will not be tolerated). Many of our final products have our manufacturing marks burned onto the metal surface using our laser marking machine. Rubber gloves are worn during the laser marking process to keep the final products clean and free of fingerprints. This position will require the candidate to become skilled at our Laser Marking process where cleanliness, attention to detail, and good computer skills are needed.

Electronics Repair Technician

Ideal Vacuum is looking for an Electronics Repair Technician to join our team. A successful applicant for this position can demonstrate a strong background in electronics and troubleshooting.

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