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Ideal Vacuum Pulse Valve, 28 VDC, 1/4 in. Compression Fitting, 0.031 Orifice, PTFE Poppet, Stainless Steel
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Arrival: 14 on 2022-08-25

This Ideal Vacuum Products pulse valve is typically used for gas pulse generation for Laser Spectroscopy. The high precision spectroscopic gas analysis requires exquisite flow control that is both quantifiable and repeatable. Despite their small size these solenoid valves offer very low cycling time and extremely low leak rates. Constructed of rugged passivated stainless steel, the solenoid itself is potted and completely isolated from wetted environments. PTFE Poppet Material2-Way Normally Closed Valve OperationDelivers repeatable pulses and high repetition ratesLeak-tight to 1x10/s/atm HeliumConstructed of non-corroding, passivated stainless steel

Condition: New

Product Number: P1010774

Price: $862.50

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