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1.0 in. Purgeable, Adjustable Mirror Mount, Conflat (CF) 2.75 in. Flange, Stainless Steel
In Stock: 11

These adjustable mirror mounts are designed for use in vacuum systems with a conflat 2.75 flange and can accept a 1.0" OD optic. The optic is held in place between a large diameter o-ring and a brass backing. The 3 adjusment knobs work against the brass backing, allowing for easy variation in the optic's angle without the need to break vacuum. The purgable version comes with a tube welded into the flange, allowing gas to be admitted directly to the optic situated in the mount. Optional mirror precision actuators are available, which allow absolute and precise control over the angle of your mounted optics. This is the Mount ONLY.

Condition: New

Product Number: P1010957

Price: $1,292.03

Adjustable Mirror Mount Precision Actuator, 15µm Piezoelectric Fine Adjustment, 150VAC
In Stock: 3

3/8" Mounting Barrel This Piezoelectric Precision Actuator is designed to be used with our adjustable vacuum mirror mounts with 3/8" mounting barrel. The actuator can be used manually with the adjustment knob for up to 4mm of coarse travel, or electronically for 15 microns of piezo-electric precision travel with maximum of 150 volts.This is the Piezoelectric Precision Actuator ONLY

Condition: New

Product Number: P1010958

Price: $941.26

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