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Infrared IR Laser Absorption Spectroscopy Gas Cell, CaF2 Windows, Uncoated Optics, 17 cm Pathlength, Optical Post Mounted Assembly
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Arrival: 2 on 2022-03-08

CaF2 Uncoated Windows (1 Inch Dia., 30 10 arcmin Wedged, Lambda/16 Over Central 10 mm, 40-20 Scratch-Dig, 180 nm - 8.0 m) Our Ideal Vacuum infrared LeakFree Infrared IR laser spectroscopy absorption gas cells, fitted with CaF2 uncoated windows, are the perfect solution for collecting low-pressure IR laser absorption spectra of trace gas phase samples. The typical operating vapor pressure of 0.1 to 10 Torr, inside these 17 cm long gas cells, is all that is needed to get a beautiful IR spectrum. It is very important when shopping for a new IR gas cell that you consider how "Leak-Free" it will be. No one wants to add 10 Torr or so of sample vapor to their low-pressure IR cell and see the pressure continuously rise as room air leaks in around the window seals! Our LeakFree IR gas cells are the most "Leak-Tight" models available: the cell itself consists of the windows being sealed to the Pyrex glass cell by O-rings using our innovative C-clamp design. The optical windows can be conveniently removed and cleaned without taking down the complete Pyrex glass cell. The assembly is held together by an industry-standard stainless-steel frame and mounting plate assembly, using optical posts, post holders, and 1 inch pedestals to allow quick mounting onto your laser table. Each of our LeakFree IR laser spectroscopy low-pressure gas cells are assembled and helium leaked tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality, leak-tight product, before they are shipped to our customers. This listing includes CaF2 uncoated windows with the following specifications: 1 Inch Diameter, 30 10 arcmin wedged, lambda/16 flatness over central 10 mm, 40-20 scratch-dig, allowing good transmission from 180 nm - 8.0 m. This complete absorption gas cell assembly is ready to be mounted on your optical laser table, allows quick gas line connections using supplied 1/4 Inch Swagelok fittings, and is complimented well with our

Condition: New

Product Number: P1010949

Price: $1,723.85

FTIR Spectroscopy Glass Gas Cell, 17cm Pathlength, 1/4 in. Plain Tube Ends, CaF2 Windows
In Stock: 2

This listing is for the sale of our Ideal Vacuum LeakFree-IR low-pressure gas cell with following components (pictured above): 17cm long Pyrex glass gas cell with dual gas connection stems, each with a glass stopcock valve2 each, (CaF2) windows2 each, 1/4 in. plain tube joint connections2 each, #25 Viton O-rings glass joint window sealing connectionsStainless Steel Assembly Frame Ideal Vacuum offers our LeakFree-IR glass gas cells with a variety of window materials and gas line connections as well as 5cm and 10cm path lengths listed on this website. Not sure of your needs? Call us at (505)872-0037 to discuss your options. Our Ideal Vacuum infrared LeakFree-IR glass gas cells are designed to fit in all IR and Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometers. They are perfect for collecting low pressure IR spectra of gas phase samples; typically, vapor pressure of 1 to 10 Torr is all that is needed inside these 17 cm long gas cells to get a beautiful IR spectrum.

Condition: New

Product Number: P1010982

Price: $977.50

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