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Custom Centering Ring Flow Reducer, ISO-KF Flange Size NW-40, 0.5" Cone ID, 1.5" Cone Length, Stainless Steel
In Stock: 40

These custom centering ring flow reducing vacuum fittings are compatible with flange size ISO-KF NW-40. These nozzles are designed to reduce and direct flow in your vacuum system, allowing for better process control and analysis. When coupled with a standard O-ring, this component can be placed at any location in your system where a standard centering ring would normally be seated, facilitating simple system upgrades. Fittings are manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. KF-40 Centering Ring Nozzle, O-Ring Purchased Seperatly ISO-KF Flange Size: NW-40

Condition: New

Product Number: P109955

Price: $96.50

Custom Extended Length Outlet for Agilent Twisttorr 84 Turbo, NW KF-16, 6061 Aluminum Alloy
In Stock: 1

Fitting Size NW KF-16 This is an extended length exhaust outlet for Agilent Twisttorr 84 FS turbomolecular pumps. The extended length provides extra clearance, easing access to rouging pump connections. The outlet connection is NW KF-16. Agilent Twisttorr 84 FS Extended Length exhaust outlet.Outlet Length:Outlet Connection: NW KF-16

Condition: New

Product Number: P109963

Price: $228.22

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